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Our Mission at MVCS

Education. Preservation. Salvation.

The Maricopa Village Seventh-day Adventist Church strongly believes that the history and culture of the native Pima-Maricopa people should not only be preserved, but celebrated and enriched through a well-rounded christian education for their children. This wholistic education can ultimately lead them, along with their families, to a more prosperous life and a deep, meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

Despite its idyllic setting in the shadows of the Estrella Mountains southwest of Phoenix, as well as its seclusion from the surrounding metropolis, this community has been ravaged by society’s most menacing ills. Maricopa Village Christian School (MVCS) provides a haven where young, vulnerable, and impressionable children can experience education the way it should be: free from violence, guns, drugs, profanity, bullying, and stereotypical and prejudiced labels. MVCS provides its students a safe, stable, caring, and nurturing environment in an atmosphere of academic and spiritual excellence. The school serves as an incubator for students’ dreams and facilitates a connection to God, who is able to make them come true.
Cultural and biblical instruction is woven seamlessly into the students' daily curriculum. Inclusion of the families in the many school field trips gives students and families exposure to a world many of them know little about. The interaction builds relationships, strengthens families, and connects them with the communities around them.
While MVCS has an enduring history, its mission is ongoing and far from complete. Given the daunting and overwhelming challenges of poverty, apathy, disease, and disparities, as well as the lack of progress, resources, knowledge, and understanding of the Gospel message, many perceive this mission as futile and impossible. At MVCS, our collective aim is for this school to thrive, prosper and fulfill its mission until Jesus returns. We believe Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:26: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (NIV).

If you are able to support our cause to meet the needs of the families in the Gila River Indian Community, and to bring them into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, please consider how you can help MVCS in fulfilling its mission.